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108% Participation in Taking Root
108% Participation in Taking Root

by | Mar 17, 2022 | Pastor

We aimed for 100% of the congregation to participate in this year’s Scaling the Summit and we exceeded that goal by 8%.  Here are the numbers:

  • Members participating:            27 out of 37           73%
  • Regular attenders participating: 10 out of 12           83%
  • New attenders participating:     3
  • Total participants                40 out of 37           108% of membership

Of course, it remains to be seen how many of us actually finish the course.  Taking Root is meant to challenge us, and we’re only in week 2.  But we’re off to a good start.

         It’s particularly encouraging to see three new attenders.  One connected to RCC through Cross Cultural Ministry, and another connected through a gospel presentation we did at Goler House near University of Rochester.  Simon received Christ on Tuesday and then came to Wednesday Community the next day and worship the next Sunday.  Look for him so you can welcome him.    

         It’s fascinating to me that with relatively little evangelistic effort we’ve seen new people coming into our church’s ministry.  I’ve also noted the gift of evangelism active in four members – an unusually high proportion.  How do I assess whether a person has this gift?  Well, their enthusiasm for evangelism overcomes their fear of evangelism.  In America that’s unusual because our secular and pluralistic culture considers evangelism distasteful.  Even some Christians stereotype the evangelist as a simpleton. 

         But what if Jesus speaks the truth when he says “The harvest is plentiful”? (Matthew 9:37).  That means there are some people who sense they have a deep need but can’t identify it – until a compassionate person reaches out to them. 

         I’m beginning to wonder if the Lord is directing us to a more thorough outreach to not-yet-believers.  I personally love the drama of evangelism and hunger to do more of it.  Selfishly, I also want more friends.  But most of all I sense Jesus wanting to embrace each individual and bring them into his family.  

         Would you pray about whether our church should focus more energy on evangelism?  Perhaps we are being gifted to reach these not-yet-friends. 

Pastor Fritz


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