Exploring Together

We believe growth happens in community. That’s why this blog aims to be a space for thoughtful discussion and exploration together. We encourage asking honest questions, grappling with complex issues of faith, and sharing insights from your spiritual journey.

Why is Baptism Important?

  If you haven’t been baptized and you can affirm Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord, you should take the important step to be baptized.                Baptism is important because Jesus told...

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If You’ve Had an Abortion

According to Lifeway Research, which is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Church, 7 in 10 women who have had an abortion identify themselves as Christian.  Additionally, 23% identify themselves...

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Compass Care Update

  Dear Pro-Life Christian,Early this morning, CompassCare was attacked by Maoist Antifa. Again.March 10, proven communist agitator, “Hanoi Jane” Fonda, in violation of FCC regulations on The View,...

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What Could We Do with $897.00?

Last Wednesday I was given $897, and I’m giving it to RCC to figure out what to do with it. This money is left over from a job training program I started at my last church called New Life...

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